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Trump executes more executions ahead of retirement… 'Breaking 130 years of tradition'

As Donald Trump's US administration executes one after another before retirement, the tenth execution of the federal government is expected. According to AFP news agency on the

11th (local time), on that day , Alfred Bourgeois, a black man sentenced to death in 2004 , tortured and murdered his 2-year-old daughter, is executed using poison injection. Earlier in July, the Trump administration resumed executions at the federal level, which had been suspended for 17 years. Earlier, another death row inmate, Brandon Bernard, 40 , was also executed the day before by drug injection at Terrorhort Federal Prison in Indiana.우리카지노 Bernard was sentenced to death in 2000 along with his accomplice on charges of participating in past robbery and murder cases . It is the first time in 131 years that a US president executed the death penalty during the'Lame Duck' period, the period of power transfer, according to the political media Politico . The Trump administration broke the tradition of not executing executions during the transition period. If the Supreme Court does not intervene and proceeds as President Trump declared, the bourgeois would be the 10th executed at the federal level since executions resumed in July . AFP , President Trump

He said he will be the president of the U.S. with the most executions in 100 years.

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